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QRP is great for being prepared because:

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1. Equipment is small, can take anywhere and pack anywhere.
2. Uses very little power, can run on AA alkaline batteries.
3. Can use simple wire antennas than roll up and fit in your pocket.
4. Its great fun and reliable.
5. Equipment costs are low especially if you build from a kit or roll your own.

Checkout my QRP website at:

Not a lot of action here, BUT.  I am thinking that QRP is a good idea for preppers because of the portability of it.  As to cost, I'm not into rolling my own but I sure like the idea of the Yeasu FT 817 ND and using some of the stealth antennas that are around.  Going for my general in 10 days and we shall see.


I would suggest going for the 857D which will do 5 watts out, but still give you the advantage of 100 for when band consitions require it.

The weight is near the same and I have run my 857 off of small portable battery packs and PAR end fedz wire antennas.

QRP is great for CW or digital modes, but when the solar cycle is what it will be for the next several years, you will need all the power you can get.

A QRP rig for a second or third rig is great, but its not a good move for your first rig. 

Thank you for that.  I know the sun cycle is at its low right now but I'm really new to the whole thing so any advice is appreciated.

You are welcome.

Here is the 857D battery pack and a Par(LNR) 20 Meter end fedz wire antenna.

If you read the SHTF book series Going Home by Angery American you will read about this radio and this antenna. 

I hear AA had a great ham radio consultant  8) :o


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