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Who has used Ham Test Online based on suggestion from PH?

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I am trying to get a total count of how many PH folks have purchased any of the HTOL to study for any of the Amatuer Radio license test?

The reason is i am going to try real hard to get them to finaly give PH members a big discount on signing up. 

So if you have bought any of the packages at HTOL, please post here.  Let me know which of the services you bought and what email address you used( if it the one for PH just say email from my profile). If other, PM me with what you used to sign up. 

I hope 16 BL will post the names of email them to me. 

Did for my General.  Will do for my extra when I can get some time.

I used it for my general and extra with the email address that you have.
Also excited to see what comes of this, need to sign my son up for his tech here very soon.... (have him doing the free preview for the moment to make sure the format will work for him)

I passed Extra with HTOL

You know my results.   ;D

I also paid for a tech subscription for my son's fiancee, and when I found out my niece's husband is working with some remote-reporting radio equipment and antennas in his work, I paid for the big package for him.  Told him to start learning the science behind antennae and signals, and maybe make himself more valuable to his company.  There's three or four other people I will buy a subscription for as time passes (daughter's kids are 2 and 4, NO time to study anything, etc.)


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