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Need screen capture program for making videos to post on youtube for this site.

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Can someone reccommend a screen capture program so that i can produce videos on youtube for this site. 

For example i want to show how to use the RT Systems programming software for the FT-60R radio.  So i need a program that will capture all of the menus and mouse clicks( the whole screen) and convert that to video so that i can run that in a video production program program and add vioce overs and other video and titles.

I have seen programs for over $200 but i am looking for something functional and free. 


One of those two should get you there..

Thx, but

I have Avid Media Composer.  Not looking for video editing software, but software to capture my screen movements like filing a video of the screen as you move around a piece of software. 

At work we use a product called Camtasia by Tech Smith.  It is easy to use and seems to work well ( we create demo videos of our software products that are used at conventions and what not)

It is not free but they do have a 30 day trial

Recon prepper:
quicktime will do the whole screen or just sections of the screen you highlight and its easy to use. It does not record sound however. When your done it saves it as a .mov file.


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