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DMR Prepper Talk Group on TGIF


I can make a new talk group over on the TGIF server.

Im thinking about calling it MagComm.  ( Mutual Assistance Group Communications ).

What do you guys thing???  It will be a DMR Group to talk about all things prepping and ham radio.  A place for prepared hams to network by radio.  I know I know itís Internet-based but letís use it while we have it.  Social media has changed everything including ham radio.  This new digital age is proof of that.

If you guys can think of another name or a better one please let me know.

 OK everybody this talk group has been created.  It is on the TGIF network server. MagCOMM 333

 I picked those numbers because it matches our preppers code for "the rule of three". Lol!!

Still have not looked into DMR yet

The talk group has been doing good. there are two repeaters connected to it.One in Texas and one from New Mexico. Its a really good way for all of us to talk. You guys get you a TGIF hot Spot along with a DMR radio. There about to move over to a new bad ass server.


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