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How about a D-Star Prepper Reflector

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 ;D We are about to have our own D-Star repeater and are going to call it the DRP Prepper Reflector. Were wanting to have a D* net that aimed towards connecting preppers and homesteaders. Its not up yet, but we have most of the equipment already. Were waiting on a club call sign and then will register the repeater to get the reflector number.
I dont know that we will actually call it the Prepper Reflector, but it is going to be associated with Desert Rat Preppers. We cant wait to get it up and going. Iv started a D* group on my website, but I have been and will continue to promoting this site because it is where all the Prepared Hams are at. My site is mostly prepping in everything else, so we will be post all the updates here as we get it ready.

Sound like a great idea Drago.

I have not yet gotten into Dstar yet.

Do a write up and I will post it on the blog page and I am sure Tevin would post something on his prepper blog page as well.

My friend Colby is the one that knows more about it. I had to get him to set up my D* stuff. Ill have him work on a write up. I just notice Tevin has the Off Grid Ham. Ill be adding his blogs to my site as well.

Post a NOTE, over on in the Comms Forum, when it goes live.... There are a bunch of Prep'er Hams over there that might be interested......

Ill take a look at it.


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