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Sync PC clock via radio with no internet ?


Just wondering if there are any programs out there that will use the signals from WWV that will sync my PC clock without an internet connection ?

Where I live there is not an affordable high speed internet service yet, so I have none at home.  Right now I can do the web at work on my lunch break or take my laptop for WIFI at the local library, but I'm interested in trying out the JT65 mode and have heard the clock needs to be set accurately.  So my question is, can this be done in software via amateur radio ?


I do it by hand, just turn on the radio to WWV, set the time on the computer to the next min, wait for that time to get there, and click to update the time when I here the tone at the start of the min.
maybe I got lucky, but was close enough for JT-65 last time I tried it.

Most folks use a cheap GPS Receiver to sync a PC Clock....


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