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DMR is really taking off here in South & North Carolina. We now have the NCPRN network and the already huge SCHEART network that has started putting up repeaters.
For the unknowing, Digital Mobile Radio is like D-Star but all grown up. There is the capability of world-wide communication or just local. The biggest difference is that DMR is all digital where D-Star is digital on an analog carrier. This eliminates the squeals and "r2d2" of D-Star. Even more exciting about the mode is the Connect Systems CS-700 radio, an HT with DMR and Analog capabilities, for only $180.00. ( More information cna be found about the mode at
I've been on for a week and love the sound quality and added range true digital offers. Worth checking out, IMHO.

I know this is a old topic but DMR is really starting to take off here in this area. I am just out of range of the local repeater but talking and listening to others that have it sounds like a good thing. I see the HT's are just over a 100 so it might be my next radio to get and play with. Small learning curve but I have a friend that has mastered it so a couple beers and I will up and running.

I need to learn more about this. What radios are being used?

The biggest players are Connect Systems and Motorola with Vertex Standard making a strong showing of late. There are also some chinese boxes coming online as well. As usual, Motorola charges quite a bit for the name. Since my first post I have started a new job and was glad to see we use a Hytera DMR repeater. It allows the News department to have a channel, engineering to have a channel, and live events to have a channel, all on one repeater. we even have a "convoy" channel on the analog side. My spouse and I use CS700s around town on digital simplex for some pretty secure comms (there are dozens of variables available in the setup of a channel).
 A lot of our locals picked these up at our hamfest and are very satisfied with them, though I have not tried one:

TYT 380 DMR radios are the new hot item here it seems. $130 +/- on eBay. They do seem to do all right and have a decent reach for repeaters. I will probably pick one up to play with soon. Only drawback are that they are uhf on the DMR side mainly. There are only a couple vhf repeaters in the US as of now. We have a club person trying to get one in OKC but still will be far and few between. They do have a learning curve with them but like all things once you get it figured out it is a piece of cake. You do have to have a computer to load freqs on and suppose to have a DMR registration number to follow the rules. I sent for mine and got it back in 1 day.


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