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Trying a shot at raising revenue to help pay for hosting and domain fees

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You may have noticed that there are a few simple Adchoice banners. If you click on these they take you to a the advertiser and we get a few cents.

I click on one tonight about a software defined radio project try clicking on this to see if we get credit if you cant find the adchoice ad

you can help fund here

If you see the AdChoice banner for this project, click on it and follow the links.  This is a pretty kewl radio considering a Flex radio cost around $1500.

So click away and help us pay for the site.  Check out the radio. For donating as little as $400, you can get one of the first radios.

As a matter of fact i just got the new bill for the next round of hosting and this does not include keeping the rights to domain name. 

This is a great site without a bunch of spam and idiots. Add a paypal donate link! I'm in!

Thanks for the vote of confidence Tempstar. We are trying to find a way to add value.   If we can get the site paid for then we can then look at contests and maybe some giveaways.   If you have any suggestions for getting more activity going here, please pass it along.  We have a ton of folks coming here but hardly anyone posts.

You know, I don't even remember how I found this site, but I'm glad I did. Maybe we need to get the word out to more of the prepper forums. Generating more in the for sale section would also be a great thing, IMHO.


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