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DIY Handheld Radio External Battery Pack

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I have been playing with lithium cells for a while now,
and if you are using the 18650 cells I expect it will be somewhat unlikely your pack will catch fire on you,
but if you did the same thing with 14500 cells it would be way more likely
still the protected cells are way better as you don't have to charge the set in a fire proof area
also if you run protected cells and charge them all in parallel it works out better

Your concerns are real....
But the batteries will be charged individually. Since they are removable it is MUCH simpler than using a hobby charger and balancing leads etc etc.
Inddeed unprotected batteires in series are an issue, especially since they are not protected (these will nto fit in the slots)

 I have recently found this too.

It outputs the desired 7.4Volt ANd has a built in protection circuit....
the onyl downside is that it is not in a box form....

that is a very neat battery holder,

I was looking at these
but it will be 14 pounds for a set of 4 to run my radio on
and your 18650 holder may work better,
I will have to think more on what to get now.

do notice the safety issues and that it is a Small contraption.

I demostrated the battery pacl in a local HAM Fest and got interesting input on it.
Some guys that do SOTA use LiPo battery packs from the RC market.
these are a bit over the voltage range for a HT , but they fix that with a zener diode.

I had not looked at the RC hobby batteries,
that is a great idea.


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