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A. American has his book Going Home, book 1 now on Amazon.

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Our friend A. American has finally got his book up on Amazon

This is a great book, and if you have followed this on SB, you know how good it is. 

I helped AA with the HAM radio parts of the book

If you have read One Second After, Lights Out or Patriots and like them, you will LOVE this book.

Here is my Review from Amazon

 If you like NBCs Revolution, you will love this book!!!, December 1, 2012

If you are a fan of survival tales, the new NBC show Revolution, you will love AA's book. If your a fan of One Second After, Lights Out, or the Patroit, you need to buy this book. Going Home sets a new "high bar" for this genre.

For those of us who have followed this story a chapter at a time on another website, we are excited to finally see this in Kindle and soon to be in paperback and hardcover.

This is a story of a man who against all odds, makes a epic journey to get home to his wife and kids. This story has it all, struggle of the common man in uncommon situations. Start with a CME(coronal mass ejection), a corrupt governmental agency and rouge members of the military doing their bidding and taking advantage of this event.

 A complete collapse of the electrical grid, fried electronic devices turning the clock back on us to the 1800's and members of the military and the common man who believe in the Constution of the United States and are duty bound to uphold and defend it against those trying to create a "new world order".

Although this is a work of fiction, the events that happen in AA's book can happen. We are approaching the solar maximum where solar flare will increase until 2014 and then decline on this 11 year cycle. Do a Google search for The "Carrington Effect or Event". A massive solar flare can cause our electrical grid to collapse around the world. Power distribution stations will be fried along with transformers at those stations and on power poles.

Or toss a Iranian or (enter your own rouge nation here) nuke high in our atmosphere and create EMP event and it will have the same effect. Want to know what effect an EMP would have on is, read the 2008 congressional report on it here frickin scary!!!!

It would take years to restore our outdated electrical grid. As of this writing, people on the east coast are still without power after hurricane Sandy a month after the event. Imagine a nation wide or worse hemisphere wide Carrington Event. Chaos, riots, no food or medicine, gangs all at your doorstep. Sounds like fun dosent it?

Like i said Going Home is work of fiction, but there are many things that could happen to trigger these same outcomes for us all. Its worth a read, to see how, at least in AA's mind, these events play out.

Are you ready for something like Going Home to happen to you?

I will second every part of that. I have been following his story for a long time, since it's start, and this is a have to have book in my library. His story line is what got this site started and it has been good.
My last words are BUY THE BOOK.  8)

Bought the book and am about 1/3 of the way through.  Really like it.  I've read a ton I don't much care for but when you put it up there with One Second After and Lights Out, I had to give it a try.  So far so good.

I am reviewing his Book II right before it goes to the publisher. 

Read it a while ago on the other forum and its even better then book one.

The edit continues - my tablet is on the charger while I take a break for some sweet tea.  Open Office rocks.


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