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FL Statewide Amateur Network -- aka SARNET


Anybody here ever use it?  It's a statewide linked net of UHF repeaters.  Main web site here:
and an intro video here:

I generally monitor it when I'm in the shack, and always take a roll-up slim jim and the FT-60 with me when I'm deep in the woods.  Haven't failed to make it into the net with that yet, even though it's only 5 watts.

I like the idea of a state wide repeater system, but I know nothing about doing it with microwave. We have a West Texas repeater system that's analog. It covers about a quarter of the state. Texas is allot bigger then Florida. I don't think Ill see a microwave system like that here. But I like the idea. Our repeaters are kinda dead, but there working. Everyone has gone digital. I stay on DMR on the TGIF network. I have my talk group 333 connected to a D-Star link and another DMR server that doesn't have a name yet. If the grid go's down, that system wont do us any good.

Drago, the great thing about this net is that, from the individual ham's perspective, it's no different than using any plain old local FM repeater.  All the microwave stuff is transparent to the end user.  Also as you pointed out, being independent of the internet takes away that dependency.

Lots of short traffic on it, people checking in from around the state, saying 'hi', then clearing out.  People are pretty good about not tying things up, but it does get used.  There's one county-level EOC check-in net, Wednesday afternoons IIRC.

I keep saying that I'm going to start getting into DMR, but other things are in line ahead of that.

I wonder of AA has used t?


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