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Looking at setting up some remote battery power. Haven't done this before I know there are some folks with info on this on here.

Looking at getting this battery:

If that is good.. What should i use to charge it?? Battery tender?

What are you planning to operate from this battery?  35 A-Hr isn't much, and the charger is only rated at .75 amps.  This setup would work for something small.

Does this go at a remote location?  Is there utility power already there?  A 15-watt solar panel might work better.  Just trying to brainstorm. 

Running my Icom Ic-7000 in the woods.


--- Quote from: idial1911 on February 09, 2012, 01:57:02 PM ---Running my Icom Ic-7000 in the woods.

--- End quote ---

Oh, you have an ICOM?  Sorry can't help you!   :D

That combination will probably work fine as long as you aren't expecting to transmit full power a lot at 22 amps (35/22=1.6 hours).  You should be able to receive for quite a while at 1.6 amps (35/1.6=21.8 hours).  However, you won't be able to use the battery completely down to 0 volts.  Your rig is rated 13.8 vdc +/- 15%.  If it cuts itself off at 11 vdc, then you'll be even more limited in the length of time you can use it.  My charge controller cuts off the load when the battery gets down around 11 volts.  I have another connection to the batteries to use if necessary.

I have a 1-amp charger for my cycle battery, and it takes overnight to charge it if it's down.  If you are planning to stay in the woods overnight or longer, you might consider a small solar panel to use in the woods and the charger to use at home.

What solar panel do you recommend?

Do you think i'd be better off with a different battery?


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