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well I am sure most of you have noticed we have been off of the air for about 3 weeks.

I had a database connection error that popped up on the hosting site(Go Daddy)

Dont know how it happened but it crashed us hard.

Thanks or Mhar from GD tech support share hosting, he went about and beyond and got it running again.

Wondered what had happen.

I have run a few websites in the past
my issues were running a top 100 website that was politically polarized
one of the few things that I have never have found on the web is how to run a website with that much traffic
talked to the sysadmin of one day about the topic...
I agreed with him on what we had learned
turns out that you can learn a huge amount in a 30 second elevator ride
and also, thank you for the computer monitor I am using at the moment.
ok, fine, it was not learning, it was verification
so my comment here is that if you don't have physical control of your server, you are trusting someone else to do a good job.
and it is kind of sad how often they seem to mess up.

I hope you keep a backup of this site
I have seen others loose hundreds of websites all at once...
I feel sorry for them, what a way to loose your job.

Welcome back to the world of TCPIP.... Happy for your reserection....

I absolutely did notice the outage and I'm glad you are back. I wanted to contact you through Survival Monkey to see what's going on but you're not over there much and I didn't think you'd get the message.

I also had my blog go down last weekend. It was out for three days and might have been restored sooner but I was out of town and did not have any of my log in and account information. Once I contacted Go Daddy they were able to fix in in a few minutes with a few tweaks. They had to "kill PHP process". I don't know what that is, but once it was dead everything came back.


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