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Anderson PP low cost alternatives?

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Ok my DC connector needs have overgrown my finances (APP powerpoles are very expensive over here). So I am considering these:

What do you think?

BTW I have a set of imitation APP on order. I will eb able to compare them to the originals.

I have an intense dislike for crimped connections, >:( but other than that I can see no reason why they won't work and work well.

I have used these before,
they work,
they don't come undone on there own and seem solid enough
they don't deal with large currents so I run them on things less than 3A.
I use them mostly for my LED lights

yes I do not intend them for more than 2Amps (HT and small appliances)

it is my good luck that you have them... I am busting my head to find their dimensions. could you take some measurements...
By eyesight they are not much smaller than APP

I do not care either, especially now that i have found a clean and easy way to solder the APP

measurements are without the wires sticking out, the pair when connected
24cm long
4cm thick
8cm wide

these are not like powerpoles, they have genders.

the plug
13cm long
3cm thick
5cm wide

the socket
19cm long
4cm thick
8cm wide

I bought mine with 6 inch long wires already installed, so can't comment on how hard they are to crimp or what crimper to use


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