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OTHER than Anderson Powerpoles (for a million reasons, especialy local UNavailability/standarization and cost)

I intend on refining the connectors of my backup power system. (low amperage)
And stadarizing on a general system of 2 part cables.
I want to be able to built my cable at whim combining 2 pieces, one for the source and one for the appliance.

Cabling will be around 15-18AWG, usual amp draw 2A for the handhelds, upto -and fused- for 10A just in case (max of car 12V system).
While wire gauge is too much for my power demands, I am trying to minimize voltage drop for the cables connecting batteries and HT.

After reading this I am partial to the EC2 connectors. But i do like some material surrounding the cable at the junction.

I also need a 2A 8V connectors for a case. I am thinking of the lockable 5.5mmx2.5mm DC Connectors. Though they are spec'ed at 1A 15V. the good think is that being lockable they are handy for connecting power bank and HT.

So specs are:
- Non APP
- less than 10A
- 18-15AWG compatinle
- Solderable
- Field assembled by non-specialized multitool crimper (multitool)
- handy and secure
- avoiding wire break at junction with connector
- plug like (combining the anode and kathode in one plug)
- small

Honestly i am this close to dropping the search for, and going to the electrical insulated spade connectors
These cover all my criteria, other than the plug like appearence. An they also mate to the 7A SLA batteries.

The connectors you already found seem ok to me. I'm not sure how much better than the EC2 connector you could realistically expect. A trip to the auto parts store will give you some good ideas too.

For my purposes I stock pretty much everything. When you're building your own you can be choosy, but when equipment comes with connectors already on it the choice is made for you unless you think it's worth the hassle to change it out. Usually it's not worth it. I do like the spade connectors because they are inexpensive, easy to work with, can be purchased almost anywhere, and are common to a lot of existing equipment.

I occasionally use Anderson Power Poles but they are not my default. I'm baffled by the weird obsession with them in the ham community, emcomm groups in particular.  I understand the value in standardizing equipment, but beyond that, there's nothing about Power Poles that make them better than everything else. There are some groups that won't take an operator seriously unless they have Power Poles, like it's some kind of "look at me I'm a hamsexy emcomm guy!" status symbol. Yeah, whatever.  :-\ 

the reason I converted to the Anderson Power Pole connectors was that they have no gender,
so I can plug anything into anything else,
I could not find any other connector that could do that.
DC extension cables get really easy to build that way

I was running into having 2 connectors, one of each gender on the power supplies and batteries,
it is not a huge deal, but was kind of annoying
also the cycle life of the Power Poles was up there with a light switch,
many other connectors I was using before would only plug and unplug hundreds to thousands of times,
I had already worn out many connectors that I had to replace, and did not want to do that again

the only other system I would think of using now would be the ring terminal and bolts like I was using at one point,
they never mess up.

Hi Greek!
 I have found the smaller powerpoles to be less than robust, especially in mobile applications. I have gone to an automotive style connector like this:

They are used on a lot of Motorola mobile radios. Never had a failure and they can be found cheap and in different wire guages. Most U.S. auto parts stores carry them as well.

yes i have seen them... And I also have found these:


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