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Hello, Im new to ham radio in general. I am wanting to get into it for communications with my family in an emergency. I do not have any knowledge of how it works or anything. I want to get the basic license to allow me to use the ham radios. Where do I go from here? where/ how do I start? any help would be appreciated.

Here is my suggestion(look at the new guy post you made first then look at this thread.

"Ham Radio for Dummies"

Not calling you a dummy, jmdix22  :), but it really helped me to get started.  It is most definitely not a "how to pass the test" kind of book.  Instead it's more of a "here's the lay of the land" kind of book.  It gives the background about what the different bands are good for, and answers a lot of beginner's questions about why you'd want to get into various aspects of ham.  In fact, this book skips over most of the "how" part and explains more about "why," which was exactly what I needed at the time.  From your post it sounds like it might help you as well.

Q has a good point.  Even though I used HTOL to get to my Extra Class ticket, i still bought MANY books and manuals including the ARRL books like (stand by while I get the links )

Here is a good reference page

And the general beginner ham page there

The good thing is all the questions and answers are legally published and are available for review. 

One thing worth the note:  AD's post above has some pix that show rather elaborate stations in use.  Don't be put off by that, more than one (if not all) station(s) started out with a single transceiver or just a receiver and nothing else.  Ya gotta start somewhere, just like those folks did (and where I still am today.)


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